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Benefits of Therapeutic Essential Oils

What is all the buzz about therapeutic essential oils?

An essential oil is the volatile lipid soluble portion of the fluids of plants, herbs, spices and flowers; sometimes called the lifeblood! Oils are mixtures of hundreds of compounds that have healing properties’ both for the body and the mind. Therapeutic essential oils differ from aromatherapy oils in that they are a product of steam distillation and contain the beneficial compounds of the original plant. The molecules of essential oils are very small thereby able to travel around the human body penetrating easily into tissues and cells. Additionally, oxygen molecules in the oils assist in carrying nutrients around the body. Oils are very powerful antioxidants and so create an unfriendly environment for cell damaging free radicals. Tests performed on essential oils show that they kill bacteria, fungi and viruses while bringing balance to the body.

The aroma of essential oils stimulates the emotional center in the brain and help promote feelings of happiness as well as release unpleasant emotional memories. Oils are also piezoelectric, they carry a frequency and raise the frequency of the body when applied. Higher frequencies are synonymous with beneficial health and wellbeing.

Essential oils are unlike fatty oils in that they are not greasy to the touch.

There are several ways to use the oils, they can be applied topically, ingested, inhaled and diffused. If an oil is found to be too strong it can be diluted with a pure carrier oil such as olive or almond oil.

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