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I can’t say enough about Diane and her massages! I am a sports official (baseball, football, ice hockey) and I’ve always not been “nice” to my body.  I’ve hurt my back working games before and it always took me several weeks to gain the strength and flexibility back to even move normally.  I was working an unusually muddy football game one year and slipped while running with the play.  I caught myself from getting muddy, but in doing so, I twisted enough to send a shooting pain up my leg and into my back.  After several days of agonizing pain, I finally gave in.  Diane worked with me several times throughout a week period and after only a couple of sessions, I was able to bend and move! After the third session I felt well enough to work our next game, which I did nearly pain free!

Diane is very skilled with her trade. She is able to locate problem areas where I never thought they would be.  She helped me get back on my feet and back to work without having to take time off!  I highly recommend her!

Ryan C.


Ms. Lenhart was great! I had an issue with my lower back associated with a long distance run that I had participated in. I had contacted her on a Sunday, early afternoon, and by 7:00 PM she had me in and feeling amazing. Ms. Lenhart really knows what she is doing and went above and beyond to help my problem. It’s nice to know there is a smiling face that is willing to go out of their way to help a total stranger!

John H.


“I had been having some sciatic nerve pain for a few months and a friend of mine referred me to Diane Lenhart for some treatments.  I was a little nervous because I had never been to a massage therapist but Diane made me feel very comfortable and explained to me how she could help.  After the first visit I had immediate relief and couldn’t wait to call my friend and tell her how much better I felt.  I now schedule regular massages with her and I always look forward to my next appointment.”

Thank you Diane!

Laura L.


My visit with Diane yesterday was excellent.  First of all, she took the time to listen and that really impressed me. My appointment not only helped me with all the stress and health issues I had recently, but it made me feel totally relaxed, and that helped tremendously.  She is a book of knowledge and is a very caring person. I haven’t felt so relaxed in quite some time.

For the first time in a long time I slept like a baby that night.  No interrupted sleep…for that I am thankful to Diane.  I highly recommend that all of you to try Diane, she is totally AWESOME!!!

Thank you again,

Susan P.


I felt much better this morning than I have in weeks. I was calmer and more focused; I still cannot BELIEVE how quickly the lavender stopped my pain.  That was just amazing.  I have noticed a lessening in the general aches and pains I was feeling and I feel more “in control” of my emotions in general. I also have not had a headache since!!  It feels great.

Kelly J.